6 Top Ways of Proofreading the Thesis to Excellence
Dec 05, 2019

You all have probably heard the famous saying by Shannon Hale that “I`m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I`m simply shovelling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.” You see, how exquisitely the writer has blended the words together and given her thought a meaningful message. Indeed, when you commence a writing task, the beginning work is just like creating a rough framework on which you would establish a whole castle afterwards. Similar is the case with a thesis. The first phase requires in-depth researching and fathoming a huge amount of data so it’s just like shovelling sand into a box.

Incontestably, it took you two prolonged years to wrap up your thesis. In those two years of extreme exertions, how many nights and days you have passed in bafflement, anxiety, pressure and above all being sleepless most of the time, is pretty hard to estimate. In addition, after all the heaps of information you have clustered and organized making serious efforts, would you dare to acquiesce in your thesis to the supervisor without perfecting and fixing your mistakes? To be brief, would you handover the unpolished work without proofreading it? Well, no one would wish to commit such a blunder after all that labors he has poured in composing a good thesis, therefore, you need to proofread it first with a fresh pair of eyes and an observant mind. Keep an eye on pro tips at How to proofread your dissertation or thesis. Nevertheless, are you knowledgeable of the precise ways of how to proofread a thesis productively? If not, this piece of information would certainly help you out to a great extent. Hence, let’s check out the comprehensive tips for proofreading your thesis below.

Double-check the specifications

Every academic institute has set specific rules and regulations which students have to comply with while crafting their thesis. The foremost element is the formatting style which shapes the entire thesis in a professional aura including APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. therefore, after you have finished the writing phase, go through your study and accentuate the citations, direct quotations, and also check for the paraphrased context with a keen eye. Should you find any reference contradicting the defined style, edit it and rewrite it with accuracy. Moreover, make sure that all the references you have employed in the study are mentioned in the reference list and bibliography in an orderly pattern. This is the root cause of the deduction of the scores in a thesis since students do not check their study without submitting especially the overall style of the thesis. Consequently, once you are done with the all-inclusive inscribing task, affirm your work completely in accordance with the give guidelines, How to proofread your Thesis Paper.

Concentrate at your weak points

During the journey of writing a thesis, mistakes are inevitable. Since there comes plenty of times in which you are drowsy yet you are writing or you feel washed out nevertheless, you cannot stop your hands from crafting the content. Hence, you could not even after so many struggles, avoid yourself from making errors and this is pretty normal. Humans do blunders and that is totally acceptable. What is not suitable is leaving the study without fixing those errors you have made such as punctuation mistakes, grammatical errors, incorrect choice of words, spelling error, and many more. Besides, everyone is aware of one’s pitfall and that is the most important area to wok upon. You have to crosscheck the entire study especially those parts which you think are doubtful to you as they might entail serious mistakes. Thus, put additional pains in refining the mistakes and putting them in the right place.

Top 5 Ways of Avoiding Plagiarism

Reevaluate the findings

Okay, so this might sound horrible to your ears yet, this is really very effective and saves you from further troubles in from of the whole committee. In a thesis, you are supposed to collect data and then analyze it in different forms such as statistically, doing content analysis, etc. What you have to do is, recheck all the figures, tables, graphs, and any other data which through which you have gauged the assembled data. Suppose this task as if you are assessing your mathematics paper after you have calculated all the sums in which you have to estimate all the answers multiple times to abstain from any uncertainties. Likewise, a thesis also incorporates statistics and figures to analyze if the paradigm it contains is quantitative. Therefore, this is also an essential step to score good grades and prevent yourself from any sort of humiliation.

Speak it out loud!

Indeed, a thesis is not a fairy tale that you would read it loudly; nonetheless, there are some parts in it which you need to read it to yourself just like the introduction part or literature review. However, this way would help you in highlighting the ignored mistakes, coherence, or structures of the sentences. Thus, if you have written the study, do not forget to read it to yourself where you would be the writer and invigilator both!

Is your content non-plagiarized?

Plagiarism is considered an offensive and unethical way of stealing someone else’s thoughts and words. As you all know that it leads to serious penalties that could devastate your whole academic career. However, the best way to avoid it is, check for it with the help of an authentic plagiarism-checker tool that could validate your work to perfection. Therefore, check all the citations and quotations numerous times and make certain that it is devoid of any trace of plagiarism.

How about a perfect online help in thesis proofreading?

There are many students out there who seek help from an online proofreading company that is accredited and works with expertise. One thing you need to confirm before reaching out to them is whether they are honest and credible or not. Along with this, go for the people’s feedback about them, verify which advanced tools and software they implement in proofreading, and then after thorough assurance, take the choicest thesis proofreading service to augment your thesis to the next level. Wish you good luck with your thesis!